What should I pay attention to when buying an RV? That's enough to know


Now rV travel in the domestic rise gradually, a lot of friends like rV have to buy rV to play the idea, but because not familiar with rV and hesitated for a long time.

But choosing an RV is not as complicated as we imagine, as long as you figure out the following things, you can rest assured to choose your own RV.

(1) Purpose of rV

Before you buy an RV, the most basic question is what you buy a rV to do.Do you want to travel for a long time, to see the scenery of mountains and rivers, to visit the desert, or do you want to travel only occasionally for relaxation and entertainment, with short schedule, or for business reception, decoration and exhibition...Each purpose has different applicable models, the best choice for long-term travel C type rV, short-range travel recommended B type RV, and business reception is generally the choice of modified B type rV.

(2) How many people are there when they are used

At present, the nuclear load of type B rV in China is generally 2-5 people, and that of type C RV is generally 2-6 people.But relatively speaking, no matter what kind of RV, if it is the highest number of people, or may be a little crowded, so to choose the appropriate model according to the number of people, too many people can consider the extended TYPE of RV.But be careful to obey the traffic rules and not to exceed the number of passengers.

(3) two or four - wheel drive

On this issue, many people will prefer to choose the four-wheel-drive RV, because the four-wheel-drive power is much stronger than the two-wheel-drive.But rV and SUV is not the same, unless the mountain, dirt road and other poor terrain, normal road conditions under the two drive rV is also no problem.

(4) How to choose a brand

Choosing a brand involves price, and the better the brand, the higher the price.Now a lot of big rV brands have also had their own affordable rV, although the price may still be higher than small factories, but a cent a cent goods, do not choose because of a little price difference and not well-known small brands, otherwise it is likely to appear irreparable quality problems.Xinxin RV currently has a lot of models for sale, price and quality are in the leading level of the industry, is a very worthy choice of rV brand.

(5) The budget

This is a required question.After considering everything, we have to consider what our budget is.Cheap rV on the market can go to 100,000 yuan, expensive rV can go to millions, the difference between the two is still very big.Beginners suggest that you do not need to buy an overpriced RV, 150,000 to 200,000 is a good price range, the price should not be too low, otherwise the experience may be very poor.

The above is what we need to consider before buying rV, get these five questions clear, you can go to the field to see and buy rV.

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