Still envy foreign RV camping I'll tell you something: China isn't far off


The autumn and winter that just passed were a little bit cold and long.At the same time, however, I also saw that cableway cable cars were not allowed to appear in some national scenic spots. The box office of Mermaid exceeded 3 billion yuan, and 130,000 people traveled thousands of miles to the Desert for a common hobby.In the middle of summer, everyone is discussing which industry will be the next beloved in China.

I have always believed that any success comes from a commitment to the essence of business, not from a flashy concept or story.A lot of new business words that the older generation can't understand are nothing more than selling umbrellas in rainy days.

Then whether a companion, a social, a kind of exploration can explain the nature of rV industry, to meet people's most simple needs.

Sometimes an RV is a companion

Everyone has a different definition of rigid need, but there should not be too many people to deny that parents have a rigid need for the companionship of growing neutron girls.When the child blinks big eyes to say to you "Dad, let's go out to play", a can take all the necessities and non-necessities of the rV, a few confident lines and along the small surprise, can get the child special worship to look at you, say "Dad, you really cattle".Seriously, isn't that enough?

Likewise, take your older parents out and listen to them talk about how they came here 20 or 30 years ago, so they can be young again and be kids again.When it's time to prepare dinner, which is the proudest time for parents, they will take out the prepared dishes from the carefully packed lunch boxes and put them on the steaming pot to heat up the most familiar taste of home.

Most of the time, RVS are a restraint

The word "social" has been repeated by countless people in the past few years, from phone calls, to text messages, to weibo, WeChat, and now to taxi-hailing apps.The circle of society grew wider, but less warm, the turn of the thumb up became the norm, and each person became a symbol that could be drawn from a few parameters.Say good "meet spirit for you to drink, the horse tall building weeping willow edge."Where did it all go?

Rv camping life is not just about the intimate communication and collaboration that comes with moving into the campsite, parking the car, putting up the awning, boiling a pot of tea, and getting up to see the new friends in the neighborhood.

Between means, rV is a kind of exploration

When it comes to explore, through a lot of people think maybe drive saloon mountains tread the rubicon to retrace the silk road, or the nearest is away sichuan-tibet highway snow mountain climb plateau, but as a working life can be like that, on Friday from work to family, drove to dock your rv camp, live in the camp at night on his car.After sleeping until you wake up naturally on Saturday, drive/tow your RV to a place within three or four hours' drive, including grasslands, mountain resorts, hot springs, beaches, and famous mountains.Saturday is a day of local cuisine and dinner is a treat.Sunday morning was awakened by the sun, a long morning, the stranger on the flowers, you can be late return.

Such a rV journey brings not only the joy of the road, but also a deeper understanding and feelings of the land at your feet.

Remember, rV is a helpless

In fact, in 2013, the industry sold fewer than 2,000 RV's, with fewer than 100 campsites, and very little rV-related activity.In the face of such a polar market, national promotion is unlikely.

In 2014, the sales volume of rV in the whole industry exceeded 3,000, and more than 200 campsites were built, before the rV activity started.With the advent of self-driving travel, rV began to gradually enter people's vision.

In 2015, the industry sold more than 4,000 RV, with nearly 30,000 RV ownership, more than 300 campsites and 140 under construction. At this time, RV activities were relatively intensive, and more RV clubs emerged.

Considering that most of the campsite construction in China at that time was guided by tourism planners, and there were no domestic campsite construction standards and basis, the second approach, coupled with short policy points, was to draw a picture with one's head, to spend money on all kinds of sites, and to lay out an unreasonable layout without any theme, which would add endless troubles to those who went and make those who wanted to be discouraged.

At that time, the rV, camping and other lag phenomenon, often ridicule the most is the national conditions, selling land, tradition, mother-in-law.

Right now, the future of RVS is limitless

In 2016, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the Government Work Report that "the construction of tourism transportation, scenic spots, self-driving camps and other facilities should be strengthened, the order of the tourism market should be standardized, and the emerging era of mass tourism should be welcomed".

The tourism industry was shocked, in the eyes of the industry, this is the tourism industry in the top design of the country's upgrading;It seemed to the merchant that he was smelling a "good meal" which few people had touched.From the audience's point of view, it's much more simple -- "Oh, I love driving, when will it be ready?"

Here is a piece of good news. After the Approval of the State Council, we will accelerate the construction of self-driving RV camps, improve supporting policies in rewarding areas, and attract social capital investment. We will build 500 camps in 2016.At the same time, actively study and solve the rV on the road restrictions and other issues.

This task will be jointly undertaken by the Tourism Administration, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Land and the General Administration of Sport, etc., and will be issued by the end of June.Premier Li Keqiang has put forward clear requirements for the implementation of these tasks.

Not only that, about rV, campground "national standard" also was drafted recently.It is exciting that the National Tourism Administration has put forward in the draft of several opinions on promoting the development of self-driving RV tourism (soliciting opinions) that by 2020, 2,000 self-propelled RV camps of various types will be built, fully doubling the 1,000 camps required by the State Administration of Tourism [2015] No. 62].

National Tourism Administration, the main consideration of this figure is based on the current statistics, China has built, under construction and planned to build a total of 2128 camps, so the target is adjusted to 2000.

Statistics show that self-driving tourists accounted for more than 58.5 percent of the 4 billion domestic tourist trips in 2015, reaching 2.34 billion.By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the number of self-driving tourists in China will reach 5.8 billion, more than double that of 2015 and accounting for more than 70 percent of the total number of domestic tourists.

In 2015, China's automobile production and sales reached 24 million, ranking first in the world.Tourism power and automobile power will give birth to the rapid development of the new industrial chain of self-driving travel and RV camping.

The pain points of the policy constraints

On July 5, Li Jinzao, director of the National Tourism Administration, made it clear at the national self-drive RV camp construction promotion meeting that self-drive, RV is the inevitable trend of China's mass leisure tourism.At present, the non-scenic comprehensive tourism in some areas of China exceeds 50%, and self-driving and RV have become new supply demand, which is not limited to the innovation of tourism supply side, and its pulling effect is immeasurable.Thus, the construction of self-driving and RV campsites is the current priority as the trend of the public in pursuit of freedom becomes more and more irresistible.

China's RV industry has not been able to get rapid development, everywhere by the shackles of regulations, resulting in its embarrassing situation can be roughly summarized as: investors complained that the government sold land at too high a price;Homeowner headache rV on the road, licensing, charging standards;A series of problems that arise when you arrive at a campsite because there are no regulations;The last is the lack of "warmth" in investor psychology.

The promotion of the meeting also released on the promotion of the development of self-driving RV tourism several opinions, and will be one of the above four issues, I deliberately comb some, with a view to the macro on the typical policy to extract collation.

1, for living in a trailer to traffic management, in addition to conscientiously implement "law of road traffic safety", according to the rule, will also be further refined urban road traffic regulations, improve the living trailer high-speed fee, vehicle insurance, safety technical inspection and license management policy, especially in trailer can be exempt from insurance.The author comments, worth looking forward to, not far away.

2. To put it simply, on the premise of not destroying the ecological environment, the campsite should give priority to the target of increasing the land used for construction in "inaccessible" areas;For arable land or other undeveloped land, may refer to the hotel construction land management;Land for camp construction projects incorporated into the state planning and annual construction plan shall be given priority.The author comments: should the policy, the construction, the local taste sweet, all good consultation.

3. Registration, identification and classification of camping sites, self-driving travel clubs and other emerging industries.The principle is that self-driving tour clubs should be included in the sequence management of travel agencies, self-driving tour pilots should be included in the sequence management of tour guides, and various tourist camps should be included in the sequence management of scenic spots.All localities should formulate and promulgate specific policies and measures on fire control, sanitation, environmental protection and accommodation registration according to the operational characteristics of the camps, so as to further simplify the pre-approval procedures for the camps.Author comment on: register on record, for the sake of norm, also for the sake of self-discipline.

4. First of all, the planned camp project and the poor areas in the central and western regions are the primary target of the central finance to increase support. Tax reduction and exemption will be given to the camps in line with public welfare undertakings.Also encourage the establishment of special funds to support development, it is best to introduce leading enterprises, make full use of brand advantages, of course, financial support is essential.The author comments on: Gansu has set up 10 billion special funds, interested in taking gansu investigation, to sum up, think carefully, really too in line with the standards.

Big brand, the first brigade dare to be the world first

In 2014, Beijing Longwan International Camping Park, the first five-star RV camping site in China, was established in Yanqing, Beijing by CTS group.The construction of the campsite has not only successfully won the hosting right of the 80th World RV Camping Conference, but also is an active exploration of the rV campsite business in China.It has set up a standard five-star camping place in line with the international standards at home and abroad, and also established a set of industry standards for domestic RV camping sites, creating a precedent in the industry norms.

In a word, the capital travel group has huge financial resources, the group naturally has great boldness - "I built, I can wait."But it is also far-seeing, it is understood that only for Beijing Longwan International camping Park, small as a container cabin at a cost of 600 yuan a night, roughly 200 square meters of wood cabin per night price is also more than 7,000 yuan, even so, the peak tourist season room booking is almost in short supply.

In the opinion of Duan Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Beijing Capital Tourism Group, the demand for scenic spots and historical sites has gone for ever, and the trend of short-term tourism is inevitable. Therefore, extensive natural resources around the city are especially rare.So, from the car rV camping not to cater to the taste of the masses!

Yes, here I want to provide another set of data, compared with the European and American countries, China's self-driving RV camping industry is relatively backward.Today, the NUMBER of RVS in the United States has grown to 9.98 million, with more than 16,000 registered campsites;In Europe, there are 6.5 million RVS and more than 25,000 registered campsites.By 2015, there were less than 30,000 RVS in China, and only 280 campsites were put into operation.

The function of this set of data is to show that our country and foreign mature rV system is far from, but!Huge space for development!And stones from other mountains can attack jade...

It is easier to build a campsite than to manage one.Duan Qiang in the past two years in the campsite business practices, summed up some experience.Beijing capital tourism group, he thought, draw lessons from the United States the largest auto campsite KOA operation mode, follow the "build model, wide distribution, tree brand, promote the listed" strategy, in line with the "view instruction, as well as the combination of point, line, chain operation, layout of the national" development principles, to create "golden snail camping" brand management, and strategic layout in the country.

Plant a plane tree, how to lead to phoenix?Duan Qiang pointed out that practice has proved that holding large-scale activities is an effective way to promote, expand influence and gather popularity.At the same time, I also successfully received dozens of comprehensive group activities such as group building activities of Baidu Company and customer appreciation meeting of Wanda Real Estate.Through the cooperation with these well-known brands in the society, the brand indirectly expanded the way of publicity.

"Not only that, we also need to develop rooted leisure products to change the situation of daily customer shortage."Duan Listed that there will be more recreational items such as cycling tour, go-kart experience, ATV, UTV test driving base, water parent-child park and zip-top, which greatly enriched the campsite products.Not only that, in the future, will also be implanted wedding photography, outward bound training, ice entertainment and other projects.

Look forward to the sunrise in the morning sun, wait for the persistence of spring in the spring.

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